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Have you thought about starting your own business with Thirty-One? Well, I am here to show you all the great things that can happen when you join Thirty-One!

1. Your $99 investment gets you over $400 in products and business supplies! That's everything you need to start your business!

How sweet is this!?
Plus we have added the NEW JK by Thirty-One Jewelry line to our already great product line-up! Cute purses and Jewelry!? What more can a girl want?

2.  When you Party and earn $600 in personal volume,during your first 30 days, you get to choose one of these great kits to add to your business supplies. FREE product, just for doing your job!
Which one will you choose?
You can choose up to 4 more kits during your first 4 months; if you continue to Party and meet the personal volume requirements!

3. Consultant-only PRE-Sales and discounts are available all of the time! Right now, we are able to get 2 bags that would cost over $100 retail for just $35! What!?

4. When you share the business opportunity with your friends and family, during your first 4 months; you will earn an additional $100 BONUS for each recruit who joins your team and qualifies during their StartSwell Period!

5. Last, but not least! You can earn 25% commission on every sale you make! For a $600 party, that's $150 in your pocket! The more you sell and grow your team; the more money you could make! There is no end to the possibilities available e with Thirty-One!

I would LOVE to answer any questions you have about joining Thirty-One! I'm available online, in-person or over the phone!

Jamila Sloan Barahona

209-585-3977 ~ call/text


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