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The Better Together StartSwell program is Awesome-sauce!

Start your Thirty-One business strong by earning FREE products, business supplies and amazing cash bonuses with our amazing new Better Together StartSwell program!

For the first time ever, you can earn rewards not only at $600 in Personal Volume (PV), but also at $1,000 and $2,400! The more you party, the more you'll earn!

If you join Thirty-One in September, you'll have the opportunity to earn an additional 10 percent commission during your first 30 days when you submits $600+ in Personal Volume! That’s a total of 35 percent on all orders!

Plus, if you joined between Sept. 1 and Dec. 29, 2015, you can earn up to FOUR $100 or $250 bonuses during your first 120 days!

Plus, if you party consistently during your first four months, you'll earn even more rewards!

Every new Consultant’s first 120 days are broken down into four 30-day segments.

If you submit $600 or more in PV during one of those 30-day segments, you'll get to choose one of eight kits to help you customize your business. That’s just ONE average party a month, with 10-12 guests.
If you hold TWO average parties in a 30-day period and submit $1,000 PV you'll earn your choice of kit plus a $100 bonus!

And with $2,400 PV (just four average parties) during a StartSwell period, you'll earn your choice of kit plus a $250 bonus!

When you add in commission, there’s NO LIMIT to what you can make!

Party consistently to earn even more!

Submit $1,000 or $2,400 in PV during each of your four StartSwell periods to earn an additional consistency reward:

  • 4 X $1,000 = $250 gift card
  • 4 X $2,400 = $500 gift card

That’s not all! You'll also earn $100 for every new Consultant who joins your team and qualifies during your first 120 days.

The Better Together StartSwell program is an amazing opportunity for every new Consultant to add new products to her party display while earning more money than ever before!

Contact me for any questions! Want to join my team now? Click here.


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