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It's Back!

It’s back – $1 Kit-Free Enrollment for a limited time only!

From Oct 1-14, there will be two new ways to enroll as a new Consultant – $1 Kit-free Enrollment or our regular $99 Enrollment Kit!

For just $1, plus a monthly $14.95 fee for your personal website, you'll have everything you needs to start your business right away with online parties!

New Consultants who choose this option will have immediate access to all business materials that come in the Enrollment Kit in electronic form. You’ll be able to start partying online right away with your website and the marketing materials that will be made available to you, including the online Catalog!
This offers an easy, low-commitment way to get started with your own business, while still experiencing all the amazing benefits of Thirty-One!  You can start partying online right away and still earn free products – plus a rebate on the cost of your website – by earning StartSwell during your first 120 days!
Plus, when you hosts your own launch party, you can even use your Hostess Rewards to obtain products from the Enrollment Kit, allowing you to customize your business right from the start!

Remember, this is only an option for two weeks – from Oct. 1-14. Sign up now to take advantage of our new Holiday Gift Guide and the gift-giving season to get your business started off strong! 


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Kit-Free Enrollment!

Starting TODAY and going until August 31st; You have the opportunity to join Thirty-One without purchasing an Enrollment Kit!

To choose this option you’ll select “Kit-Free Enrollment” when you signs up here, requiring only a $1 enrollment fee plus $14.95 for the first month of your website. *

When you choose the Kit-Free Enrollment option; you will have access to electronic versions of all the learning and business materials that come in our Enrollment Kit, plus access to all our marketing materials.

Although you will not receive the products in our Enrollment Kit, you still can earn products for FREE through StartSwell and other incentives … and you can start holding online and Catalog parties right away!

*Offer valid through August 31, 2016. Any sections of the Independent Consultant Agreement, the Consultant Guidebook or any other contract documents that reference a requirement to purchase the Enrollment Kit are inapplicable to this offer. Consultants will also be charged a monthly …

December Outlet Sale

Starting today, you can get up to 60-70% off selected Thirty-One styles!Check your email for more details and to shop now; go to my website: 

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The New Spring/Summer Thirty-One Catalog is available now!

 If you would like your owe copy, simply click on the image to your right →→→→
and fill out the form and I will drop one in the mail for you! Can't wait for a copy? Check out the online version here.